We thank our partners whose support has been fundamental in bringing our Purpose to Develop Potentials and Inspire Social Transformations to life. Together, we are making a difference from young people, encouraging them to believe in their dreams and turn them into achievements. Together, we are contributing to the construction of a fairer country with more opportunity for all!
  • Maintainers and Sponsors
    Companies and people that guarantee the operation of the Reciclar through periodic contributions
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  • Institutional Partners
    Companies, institutions and programs that donate free and / or incentive resources in a timely or recurring manner for the maintenance of our activities
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  • Technical Partners
    Institutions, consultancies and technical schools that contribute to the accomplishment of our core activity
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  • Employers
    Companies that hire young people from Reciclar
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Av. Presidente Altino, 973 - Jaguaré
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