In 1995, a group of entrepreneurs united for a common ideal: to carry out a transforming program that was economically viable, socially fair, and environmentally sound.


From this combination the Reciclar Institute was created, a non-profit organization that serves young people in a situation of vulnerability and social risk, having as principles the development of social-emotional skills, professional skills and technical knowledge that enable them to enter the labor market and the construction of a life trajectory guided by the protagonism and by a positive and responsible action in society.


In permanent connection with innovation, with the social transformation and the perception of the singularity that each young person brings in their profile and their history, we developed in 2017, in partnership with the Educational Community CEDAC, an educational methodology aimed at training young people engaged in promoting positive changes in their lives, families, work and the community.


Our educational model is based on the principles of:


Comprehensive Education (Learning to Be, Learning to Do, Learning to Know)
Relevant learning for life and work
Social-emotional development
Respect for uniqueness
Technical training of excellence
Creative, collaborative and welcoming environment
Network acting


We believe that Brazil's development depends on forming active citizens capable of inspiring positive social, economic and cultural transformations by its own example. Young people are the cradle of this change and the possibility of building a fairer and more prosperous future.


We invest in the social-emotional and professional development of young people with bright eyes and willingness to go further. Let's go together! Together with these talents, we build a bridge between your dreams of the future and opportunities for fulfillment. We reinvent ourselves every day in this mission.


We prepare young people to take on life, work and community, broadening their vision of vocation, skills and interests, and connecting them to the trends of the work world and life in society.


Our challenge is to promote change and to show that everyone can be agents of transformation.


Encourage work and construction together, promote respect for the uniqueness, provide new chances. This is what makes us, in Reciclar, an organization that develops potential and inspires social transformations.

  • Purpose
    Develop potentials. Inspire social transformations
  • Vision
    To be a reference in the human and professional formation of young people, contributing to the construction of a fairer country and with more opportunities for all.
  • Mission
    Develop young people to take on life, work and community through an innovative educational model, technical qualification and social-emotional training that contributes to the transformation in their long-term life trajectories.
  • Values
    Transparency | Collaborative Spirit | Willingness to Innovate | Respect for Uniqueness | Network Acting | Learning in Practice

The Instituto Reciclar (Recicle Institute) works for the sustainable development of the country and we believe in guiding our actions through the commitment to promote social transformation. That is the reason why we are participants in the United Nations (UN) Global Pact, the largest initiative of corporate sustainability in the world with more than 13 thousand members in nearly 80 local networks in 160 countries. Further, our strategy is aligned with the SDG ? Sustainable Development Goals made in 2015 by the UN. In total, there are 17 goals and our mission is focused to fulfil three of them.

Goal 4 - Quality education:Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

Goal 8 - Decent work and economic growth:Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all

Goal 10 - Reduce Inequalities:Reduce inequality within and among countries

To lead the training of transforming youth, Reciclar has the energy and dedication of a qualified team, powerful, motivated and committed to results.
Administrative Council
Cassio Casseb Lima (President of the Board of Directors and Founder of Reciclar Institute) - He holds a degree in Engineering from the Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo. He was president of Credicard, Banco do Brasil and Grupo Pão de Açúcar, and adviser of Febraban, Fiesp (C.S.E.), Mastercard (LA), Coca-Cola (Retail LA), Localiza, Sadia, Visa (LA), among others. He is currently an adviser of Lojas Marisa, Jereissati Participações (Iguatemi Shoppings and Oi! Telephony), and Senior Advisor of Banco Morgan Stanley in Brazil and the Principal Financial Group.
Other Members:
Alda Pereira de Araújo | Altamiro Boscoli | Francisco Vidal Luna | João Ayres Rabêllo Filho | João Flávio Ramos Alves | João Pinheiro Nogueira Batista | José Renato Simão Borges | Luiz Augusto Candiota | Priscila Pasqualin
Supervisory Board:
Ademir Pautasso Nunes | José Carlos Nunes de Oliveira | Luiz Antonio Soares | Rui Fernando Ramos Alves
Sustainability Committee
Fabiana Baccas | José Eduardo Vaz Guimarães | Natalisio Almeida | Silvia Aragão | João Ayres Rabêllo Filho | Fábio Amorosino
Board of Directors
Our directors are appointed by the advisers and serve as volunteers.
  • Maercio Soncini (CEO) - Business Administrator graduated from Fundação Getúlio Vargas - FGV with specialization in finance and postgraduate courses from FGV and Insead (France). He worked for over 37 years in the financial market, being 18 years as statutory director, passing through the banks: Créfisul, Banco Frances e Brasileiro, BankBoston, Sudaméris and Banco Fibra. He was Director and Vice President of ABBC, the Brazilian Association of Commercial Banks.
  • José Antônio Kuller (Educational Chair) - Educationalist graduated at UNESP, post-graduate in Education Psychology at PUC-SP. He was responsible for the technical supervision of Senac São Paulo, director of the Unidade de Educação Profissional (Professional Education Unit), manager Cenafor`s Programa Empresa (Company Program), technical at Fundação do Livro Escolar (SchoolBook Foundation) and professor at PUC-SP. Consultant at Unesco, BID, National Senac`s Postgraduate course in Professional Education Teaching and Pedagogical Model. Is the managing partner at Consultoria Germinal (Germinal Consultancy) and pedagogical coordinator of the Programa Formare (Formare Program), from Fundação Iochpe (Iochpe Foundation).
  • Thiago de Carvalho (Legal Director) - PhD and Master in Law from PUC/SP. Graduated in Business Administration from Mackenzie and in Law from PUC/SP. Professor of Labor Law at the Graduate School of Law of the Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGVLaw). Invited Professor in the FACAMP Specialization and assistant in the Graduate Program in Law at PUC/SP (Master's and Ph.D. Author of the book "A inovação tecnológica no ambiente de trabalho" (Ed. Lumen Juris, 2015) and several articles in the area of Law.
  • Renata Dolabella Fabrini (Director of Employability) - Gathers over 25 years of experience in Human Resources, undertaking as a consultant in strategy of people, with specialization in Selection of Executives. She led the practice of Financial Services in Brazil and in Latin America of Fesa, a company she helped found in 1995. Co-leading Plongê, Gente e Gestão for 5 years now. Graduated in technology from PUC-RJ. Executive MBA from Business School São Paulo, associated with Toronto University. Training in Consultants by ADIGO, SP Training in Leadership, by CTI - Coaches Training Institute, CA, USA
  • Fábio A. Amorosino (Financial Management Director) - Financial Manager graduated at Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado (FAAP) specialized in Finance, Accountability and Entrepreneurship. MBA at William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration. Works 33 years at the financial market, having worked at the banks ING Barings and Citibank NA. Currently, is the Executive President at ALFA Financial Conglomerate, a member of the Executive Board of Directors at FEBRABAN and Board member at ABBC - Associação Brasileira dos Bancos Comerciais (Brazilian Association of Commercial Banks) and ACREFI - Associação Nacional das Instituições de Crédito, Financiamento e Investimento (National Association of Credit, Financing and Investment Institutions).
  • Executive Diretor: Carlos Henrique de Lima. Throughout his career he has held management positions in companies such as AMBEV, Carlos Chagas foundation, CREN, Afasol, MBK Capital group and CEAP. He holds a bachelors degree in history from PUC-SP University and a post graduate degree in marketing and business from ESPM Univeristy, and a specialization in social impact businesses from Insper University.
  • Management/Financial: Jaqueline das Virgens | Cleyson Brito | Daiane Silva dos Santos | Gleydson Aparecido de Brito | Maria das Neves Amador Umbelino | Maria José dos Santos | Soraia Aparecida Amaral | Viviane de Jesus do Nascimento | Alexsandro Martins de Oliveira
  • Educational: | Rafael de Souza Villares | Flávia de Pinho | Maria Beatriz Calaresi | Natalie Trevisan Paz | Paulo Henrique Yaekashi | Flávia Blanco Lira | Diego Gonçalves do Prado | Bruna Silva de Oliveira | Teresa de Jesus Batista Lopes | Alberto Fausto dos Santos | Vitor Abud | Sabrina Helena Corte Cardoso | Afonso Henrique Lima Coelho
  • Institutional Development: Tiago Ferreira Lins | Rebeca Siqueira | Jéssica Maria do Nascimento | Bruna Du Plessis
  • Social Worker: Luciano Rodrigues de Lima
Throughout our journey, the Reciclar Institute has been recognized by a series of awards that value the work done with young people
Av. Presidente Altino, 973 - Jaguaré
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