How To Contribute

Be a Supporter (private individuals) or Member (companies)

Reciclar has a group of Supporters and Members who make regular financial contributions, collaborating to its sustainability. In return, they can take part in meetings and nominate board member and director candidates.


Make direct donations (private individuals and companies)

Private individuals and companies cam make deposits, declared or anonymous, to the Reciclar bank account:
Banco do Brasil
C/C: 1995-X
Instituto de Reciclagem do Adolescente
CNPJ: 00.750.121/0001-50


Donate part of your income tax to Reciclar (private individuals and companies)

Federal Public Services: Donations to Reciclar by companies that base their income tax on taxable income may be deducted from income tax and social contributions up to a limit of 2% of operating profit at source.

  • Donations can be made in cash, paid to Reciclar's account - Banco do Brasil - 001 Branch 1201-7 Account number. 1995 - X
  • For the donation of goods or services, the corresponding market value must be attributed and included on the receipt
  • Reciclar will issue a receipt for the donation with the declaration required by the tax authority in Brazil and a copy of its Federal Public Utility declaration.

Law 9,249, article 13, paragraph 2, III


Donate you Nota Fiscal Paulista [São Paulo state receipt] (private individuals and companies)

By registering receipts with your tax number, Reciclar gets the credits and is entered into draws.

Private individuals: you can donate your receipts to Reciclar (remember not to put your tax number on it) or set up collection boxes in places you go to regularly: restaurants, cafés, stores... Then just contact us to set up a date for us to get the receipts.

Companies: you can set up a collection box for your employees and customers to donate their receipts to Reciclar. We supply the box and explain to your employees how to get involved.


Buy products (private individuals and companies)

Private individuals and companies can place special orders or opt for one of the models available in our catalogue of corporate gifts and supplies for events (notebooks, notepads, calendars, greetings cards, invitations, business cards, diaries, folders, ID badges...), all produced by our young people from paper that is recycled here at the institute. The income is 100% ploughed back into our activities.


Create a mobilization campaign (companies)

Mobilize your team, clients and partners to benefit Reciclar. You can raise funds and collect receipts that help us maintain and expand our activities.


Be a volunteer or offer pro bono services (private individuals and companies)

Professionals and companies that support Reciclar can make a contribution by providing services that support our activities or benefit the community we serve.


Adopt a student (private individuals and companies)

With a small monthly contribution you guarantee that a student from the community gets access to the evening classes Reciclar offers free of charge: English, Spanish, IT, adult literacy, and AutoCAD.


Offer a second job (companies)

Organizations from the first, second and third sector can benefit from the experience and training our young people get by offering them second jobs.

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