Since 2000, KPMG’s annual audit has been one of our main instruments conferring transparency on our governance for all our stakeholders.

Management Board

Cássio Casseb Lima, President

Alda Pereira de Araújo

Altamiro Boscoli

Francisco Vidal Luna

João Ayres Rabêllo Filho

João Flávio Ramos Alves

João Pinheiro Nogueira Batista

José Renato Simão Borges

Finance Board

Ademir Pautasso Nunes

José Carlos Nunes de Oliveira

Luiz Antonio Soares

Rui Fernando Ramos Alves


Our directors are nominated by our board members and are volunteers.

Luiz Augusto de Oliveira Candiota, Managing Director 

Luciano Maresca, Communications and Marketing Director

Maercio Soncini, Finance / Administrative Director 

Moira Monteiro de Lima Demange, Education Director

Priscila Pasqualin Afonso de Souza, Director of Legal and Third Sector Affairs

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