Instituto Reciclar is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 1995 and which operates in the Jaguaré region, in the west of São Paulo city.

Our purpose is “To develop potential. To inspire social transformation,” by helping young people and adults become agents of change in their lives and in society.

To this end, we operate on two fronts:

  • Education to transform young people’s lives: focused on 14 to 19 year-olds, it is structured into daily classes in between the school timetable, offering daytrips, talks, work in the community, formally documented work experience at the Paper Recycling Workshop and preparation for and placement in the job market.
  • Networking: this involves development of the community (free courses for adults and the project called Mothers of Jaguaré), and mobilization efforts (the promotion of recycling and advocacy with other third-sector organizations and governmental bodies to consolidate positive social change).

In its 20 years of activities, over 600 young people at social risk have found in Instituto Reciclar a way to escape invisibility, to break free of the poor education cycle of under-employment and a lack of opportunity, and to choose new ways forward for their lives. Of this total, about 85% are actively employed in different professions, including key positions in large companies.

Besides young people, adults in the community attend free Evening Classes and women week every week in the project Mothers of Jaguaré.

Main Features

    We are pioneers in the production of recycled paper in Brazil.


    Our products have a high social and environmental value, are high quality and customizable.


    Positive social impact: 85% of the young people who have benefitted in the last 20 years are actively employed in different professions, including key positions in large companies


    IPositive environmental impact: in 20 years 4,600 trees have been saved – a small forest.

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