• From the moment I joined Reciclar, I can say that I found the key to my progress Breno Rodrigues
  • Reciclar is a space where we learn a lot of things in a diversified way and helps me to make choices that I can take to my life Deymison Oliveira
  • I love Reciclar because it is a place where I can show all my creativity and expose my knowledge in a fun way. A place where we have many opportunities to learn Tamires Souto
  • Reciclar is helping me in many things: to interact more with people, to show my emotion, to be lighter. You need to discover a profession in which you can identify what you are and the project helps me in this Grazielle Lima
  • For me, Reciclar represents discovery. The activities make me reflect and talk more about what I want to develop in my life Carolina Suellen
  • After I entered the Reciclar, I began to see my future and think about the courses I want to do. Now, my ideas are clearer, Life Project is helping me in this because I can organize my ideas Fernando Luiz Carvalho da Silva
  • Reciclar helped me a lot to overcome the challenges while I was still a teenager so I could get to where I am today. The teachings and examples that I experienced while I was part of the program accompany me to this day and certainly contribute a lot to my performance Jorge Soares
  • Reciclar taught me to have a professional discipline, not to socially victimize myself and to run in search of my dreams. It fostered my education and I was able to enter a college Cleiton Nascimento
  • Reciclar gave me an opportunity. Most people don’t give opportunities for teenagers coming from the favela. Young people need a chance to have dignity and to know that they are capable of becoming a better person Leila Matos
  • Everything I have learned in Reciclar, I carry with me and every day I try to share, apply and speak how much I have been privileged to have been part of a serious institution with excellent professionals and, most importantly, with human beings who know due value of each person Dhenig Chagas
  • Reciclar was the crucial point for me to be able to understand that we should always challenge ourselves to chase our goals, and not let anyone say that we are not capable Regiane Alves
  • I'm in Reciclar because here I can see a direction for my future Caique Ribeiro
Av. Presidente Altino, 973 - Jaguaré
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