• It gives us great pleasure to be involved with Instituto Reciclar. Watching these teenagers develop, seeing the dedication and determination with which they go after their dreams and overcome challenges gives meaning to any teacher’s life.

    João Paulo Streapco, General Studies teacher
  • We know what challenges you face in your work to transform these teenagers into citizens who can learn, serve, contribute and live together- to share in the development of our country through the services they provide. This intervention enables our students to write their own stories every day from adolescence to adulthood. At Amaral we are proud and happy to work with you, to have you supporting us, accompanying the development and involvement in these lessons.

    Teacher Rosani, Reciclar partner for 20 years
  • With every day that passes, we work to make education a guiding force for what young people do in society. With the entire team involved, we draw up an action plan and content that helps create critical, conscientious and transformative citizens.

    Moira Demange, Educational Director
  • Reciclar plays a transformative role in the lives of each teenager, offering them a new outlook on the future and creating a new attitude in the present. Keep on turning raw material into art! You are a great example of how IT IS WORTH BELIEVING!

    Christiane M. Furlan, HR at CREDZ Administradora de Cartões Ltda
  • Reciclar is an institute that really won us over through its art, its seriousness, its planning, its organization, the way it came about, its drive, its willingness to provide teenagers at social risk with opportunities to learn professional skills to develop self-esteem, social inclusion and to exercise their full citizenship.

    Mallet Advogados Associados, client of Reciclar
  • I am very proud of the work we have done at Reciclar, because it is the result of our collective effort to overcome every challenge we are faced by. When I look at the young people who come here and see them achieve their goals, I can see that this culture of dedication and achievement has become part of their lives.

    João Cruz, Commercial and Product Manager
  • Thank you, Reciclar, for teaching me, taking me on, giving me strength, and giving me the best years of my life. Without it, I would not be as successful as I am today. It was there that I learned the importance of working in groups, helping others, and not giving up on my dreams. Reciclar changed my life and was the perfect base for my growth.

    Marcos Paulo Pereira, student from the first Reciclar group
  • Reciclar showed that my potential has nothing to do with the fact that I live in an underprivileged community lacking in opportunity, and it helped me overcome such feelings as fear, prejudice and pity, making room for other feelings, such as drive, solidarity, leadership, determination, initiative and care.

    Dhenig Chagas, student from the first Reciclar group
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